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About EXC

About EXC

EXC is a new generation digital currency which has the potential to become the freely floating exchange version of a supranational currency, as proposed and envisaged by Lord John Maynard Keynes in 1942.

EXC could be used as an alternative unit for measure when central banks, issuers of fiat currencies, have seen their balance sheets expand rapidly.

The EXC Platform is designed to be viewed as neutral to any countries’ national debt.  It is also intended to have a superior function to store value.

White Paper

Mission Statement

With the emergence of Bitcoin, the proof of work concept together with the cryptocurrency mining fad, the energy consumption associated with blockchains and cryptocurrencies has reached unsustainable levels.

A group of four like-minded finance and advanced technology professionals, acting as responsible and globally conscious citizens, has developed the EXC Platform, a digital system which consumes only 0.22 μW, or 2.2E-7W, or 0.22/1,000,000W per transaction.

We are determined to proliferate the EXC Platform, not only as the next generation cryptocurrency, but also as a supranational currency working with those countries whose governments are eco-conscious and feel a sense of responsibility towards global climate change by pursuing the goal of cashless societies

Mission Statement

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In depth analyses of EXC key features

Design of Digital Central Bank

Downside protection mechanism explained

Independent Price Movement

Unlimited upside potential

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Our intellectual property strategy

Central Bank's Perspective

EXC as alternative foreign reserves

Vehicle Currency

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About Issuer

Name Global Monetary Foundation
Adddress Mourant Corporate Services (Cayman) Limited, 94 Solaris Avenue, Camana Bay, Po Box 1348, KY1-1108 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Superviros Koji Fusa and Susumu Kusakabe
Contact info@excor.org